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Well they then added NSF fees and late fees and I was still unable to make a payment.I will do that but am waiting for the loan to be paid off in 2 months.I am sure the owner of the company would hate to hear his business is getting shut down.Register or Login Your Account. 1800 LOAN MART, 800 Loan Mart, Auto Title Loans LOAN SHARKS Encino California Loan Sharks BEWARE of this lending source.

Instead of taking the payment, phone calls went back and forth for some time until the supervisor, Yvonne, called and threatened me (claiming my husband had somehow scammed them by giving them a card that was not authorized), screamed at me and hung up on me.Before I ever signed any papers to get the loan they contacted my insurance company and had my policy re-written stating they had financed the vehicle.

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Secure your small business loan using your car with LoanMart.Thanks for all the post and the information is very helpful for me.Yes, there are many who had no business taking home loans out - that was stupid.Trustmark Bank provides banking, wealth management and risk management solutions.This was 26 days early causing my bank to charge me fees in transferring funds to cover the payment.

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Payments can be made. 600 NW 2nd Street, First Floor, Evansville, IN 47708 (800).We had a loan with them - and yes, you asshole, we paid it off.

They blasted my cell phone with text messages and automated response calls repeatedly, even after speaking with an agent.

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After I filed the law suit and called them they removed the NSF fee.If there is someone out there that has, I would like to hear from them.

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Of course we all have desperate times but these people will make times worse by charging up to 126% APR.Its been 3 months and they have taken my car I paid two years and still they are asking for more money.

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Now they claim the loans are totally confidential and they requested 8 personal references. 4 references from family members and 4 from co-workers.My bank had canceled that card because they found suspicious activity so I called LoanMart to tell them about what happened.

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I contacted the Secretary of States and they told me that if the judge decides they can shut the company down for refusing to follow the laws set in by the states and refusing to respond to the Attorney General.At this point I called again, they assured me they had only inquired as to my vehicle coverage (LIE) I then asked for the loan contract to be faxed to me so I could see exactly what the terms were, they would not do this, said I had to visit a location.Get online payday loans and in-store cash advances from a direct lender - Check into Cash.


They even threatened to reposes my car if my bank took the money back.

I called and begged to please have my car bback I had made all my payments the man acted like it could be possible.I called the company 10 times each call I recorded and they flat out refused to refund me but they did acknowledge that the website had a glitch.It is sad and I feel sorry for anyone who does buisness with them.Consumer complaints and reviews about 1800loanmart in California. loan sharking.You have to allow them to become lienholder of your vehicle with your insurance company and then you have to show your insurance company updated regist n info with Loan Mart as the lienholder or you will get dropped from your policy.Herring Bank provides banking services including: checking and savings, credit cards, mortgages and other personal and commercial loans.

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I spoke with an agent a few times who assured me that they were a legit company and the interest rate was 8% and the loan was 12 months the payment would be aprox 280 per month for 12 months.Money Mart offers a variety of alternative financial services such as check cashing, money transfers, prepaid debit cards and payday loans.

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I made payments with them for two years when I called for a payoff it was so high we got into an argument.I told them that since a payment was due, I would bring them payment in cash or give them another card number, which I did right then and there.They lied about the interest but when I found out it was too late.Jared and his team set out to create a mortgage company built on trust, integrity and honesty.The developers at 1 800 LoanMart have spent a long weekend conducting their semi-annual.

And if they take it illegally, there will be no recourse for me that will get my car back on time so I can continue working.

If any one is reading this DO NOT do business with Loan Mart.I wrote to the BBB and the company refused to respond and I also wrote to the Attorney General who has yet to receive a response from the company.

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There should be a law against this and their practice should be considered as preditory lending.Tri Counties Bank provides a unique brand of Service with Solutions of banking services to consumer, small business and commercial clients in California.